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27 . 09 . 2018

A glance at the fashion trends for the coming fall and winter highlights several styles. Whether the bag is small or large, one thing is certain: there are eye-catching accessories to fit any outfit. Each of these products can help you define your personal style and stay trendy.

The Return of the Fanny Pack (and Related Styles)

The fanny pack is back! Trending designer bags include a wide selection of two travel inspired styles: the more traditional belt fanny pack and the necklace bag. Both styles are practical and convenient.

From Mini to Oversized

Fall and winter 2018 have bags of all sizes trending.

If you favor the clutch, keep your eyes open for two noteworthy trends. Fall and winter bags can be found with gold accents and they often have designer logos printed in a highly visible manner.

For the woman that is out all day, an oversized bag is the ideal fashion statement. Not only can it help you limit how many bags you have to carry for daily essentials, the bag follows color trends (think hunter green for fall).

A Hint of Gold

This year’s accent color is gold. It can be found on handles, zippers, and small fashion emblems including company logos. A little bit of gold goes a long way in bringing your outfit together.

Names, Names, Names

Designer labels are pasted everywhere. A common theme for the upcoming season is the gridded logo covering the entire bag. Other branding trends include labeling zippers as well as strap handles.