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30 . 09 . 2018

Do you love designer fashion? So do we! Learn how one company tackles the puzzle of how to blend form and function into products such as handbags and other accessories?

An Inside Look at MKF Collection

We are fashion designers who are inspired by cultures around the globe. Different perspectives are welcome every designer uses their unique background to inform their pieces. There are three traits that transcend any differences and are considered in our creation process:

  • Design- Is the item unique? Will the piece stay relevant?
  • Functionality- Does the item complete an outfit? Can the accessory fit daily necessities?
  • Materials- Are the materials free of any animal products? Will the product last?

By using high quality faux leather, we create fashion forward goods that do not contain animal products,
nor are animals harmed in the making of these accessories. Goods that we design include:

    • Handbags of all shapes and sizes
    • Belts- both for men and for women
    • Laptop cases
    • Luggage
    • Hats

We stay on top of current trends and design luxury fashion accessories to keep you both fashion forward and comfortable with accessories to fit your personal style.

Where Fashion Meets Function

Crafting a fashionable look does not mean that comfort needs to be sacrificed. Luxury designs can include features that are both trending and accessible. Bags within our collection have trendy embellishments that catch the eye as well as space for anything that you might need on a daily basis.

MKF Collection changes seasonally. Shop now for fall and winter trends!